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About Us

Greg Stacey

Hello, welcome to The Animal Crossing Post! Let us tell you a little about ourselves. We are brother and sister.  Our Animal Crossing town is named Pinewood, and our whole family (mom and dad included!) plays the game. We get along fairly well. Greg loves computers and Stacey loves books. Greg is really into the technical side of this site (e.g. scripts, codes, forms, etc.). Stacey has done most of the writing. Of course, Stacey helps with the code and Greg helps with the writing, too. We love making websites, and Animal Crossing is our favorite game, so naturally, we decided to create a site about it.

We were originally hesitant to buy Animal Crossing because of the box. Quite frankly, it looked like a little kids game, but we finally decided to get it and could not stop playing it! We decided to create this website just days after Animal Crossing: City Folk was announced at the E3 conference. We hope that current AC players will enjoy this site and that more people will buy the game and become fans. We wanted to make a site that would have information about every aspect of the game. We want you to be able to find just what you are looking for. We have many different categories (listed on the left) that each have lots and lots of articles in them. So for instance if you want to find out how to make a lot of bells (money) you would click on bells.

In addition to the articles on this site, we have many other features. Greg is usually the one to come up with all the awesome ideas.

  • You can join our forum to exchange friend codes with other players.
  • You can read our news on the homepage or the news RSS feed.
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  • E-mail us with your questions about AC, or contact the webmaster (us).
  • View the AC calendar and read articles about each event.
  • Subscribe to our calendar, news, and blog RSS feeds.
  • Download our widget.
  • Get artwork and wallpaper made by us.
  • Find links to more AC sites, add your website to our link list, and link to us.