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Examples of accessories in CityFolk or Let's Go to the City, would be umbrellas, hats, helmets, masks, hair ribbons, hair pins, feathers, halos, crowns, beards, mustaches, eye patch, cucumber compress, beak, pacifier, wigs, glasses, or bandage. You might call balloons, pinwheels or bubbles that you can carry, accessories also. A lot of the accessories are interactive such as the King Tut Mask. When you run while you are wearing it your character can fall down.

Where to find Accessories: City Folk

Most accessories can be bought at GracieGrace for mega bells, or more reasonable priced at the Able Sisters' shop. The accessories found at each shop are sold exclusively at that location. You can also make your own umbrella and hat designs at the Able Sisters. Any pattern you happen to be walking around with can be used by clicking on the patterns icon at the bottom of your screen. Choose "use as umbrella" or wear "as hat."

able sisters

To get the colored feathers to wear in your hair donate 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, or 700 MILLION bells to your town fund. It hardly seems worth it to try; I mean, they are only FEATHERS!


If you want a new hairdo, stop in at Shampoodle. For 3,000 bells you can get a makeover--either a new hairdo or a total Mii makeover. The first Mii makeover, by the way is free--try it out!

Shoes aren't exactly an accessory you can buy, but if you bought a fancy suit at GracieGrace, you may now dismayed to find out that you still have those blue/red tennis shoes on with the crazy striped socks. Try talking to Kicks, the shoeshine guy. If it's not raining, he will be in the city. You can either have him change the color of your shoes to match your outfit, or the style of your shoes altogether.

Shoe shine

Balloons, pinwheels and bubbles can be gotten when Phineas pays a surprise visit at the city plaza on some sunny days. He's a great guy! He'll brighten your day.


Accessories in AC GameCube

When Tom Nook has a sale, you can get a balloon from him. You can carry it around, drop it in your house, or release it in the air.

On the Fourth of July, you can get fans from Crazy Redd’s booth. I think there are about six.

Also when Tom Nook has a sale, you can get pinwheels in grab bags.

Finally, umbrellas are the most common accessory. You can buy these at Nook’s, find them in the dump, or design your own at the tailor’s shop.