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Animal's Birthdays

Birthday Announcements

On the bulletin board at the town hall you will see various announcements throughout the year. One type of announcement will notify you when one of the villagers has a birthday.

Bulletin board

There is no option to wish them a happy birthday when you go talk to them. You would be wasting your time. Don’t expect a party for them either.

What can you do to show love to the villagers on their birthdays? You might send them a letter wishing them well. If you are feeling very generous you could even enclose a gift to them. Are they smart enough to realize what you’ve done for their birthday? No. You’ll get a standard letter in response to the one you sent, just like always.

So then why are the birthdays announced on the town hall bulletin board? Your guess is as good as ours. Be nice to them anyway! You don’t need a thank you from them.

Birthday Calendar

Check out the calendar for a list of animal's birthdays.

Your Birthday

Your birthday will also be announced on the bulletin board in town hall. This time is a little different because you actually get something! One animal will greet you when you turn on your game to wish you a happy birthday.

Bringing cake

They'll give you get a really cool birthday cake to put in your house. The candles can be turned on or off by pressing the (A) button. It’s a one of a kind item. Don’t sell it because you can’t get another one until next year.

Birthday Cake

The rest of the villagers will be nice to you, but don't get your hopes up. They won't give you a present.

Happy Birthday