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Fruit is an efficient way to make money, second only to the turnip trade.

Kinds of Fruit

Your town has a default fruit that is worth 100b.  However, if you get non-native fruit, those fruits are worth 500b.  No town has coconuts as the native fruit; these wash up on shore.  If you have wi-fi, anytime a friend gives you non-native fruit, be sure to plant it.  If you don't play wi-fi you can also get non-native fruit from your animal neighbors. Send them native fruit in the mail or talk to them a lot. Some day they might give you a different fruit. It can take a pretty long time if you don't play online, but be patient. Once you have a fruit tree, you can continue planting more fruit trees from those fruits and so on until your town is full of non-native, 500b fruit.  Most fruit trees grow three fruits every three days; however, coconut trees grow only two fruits every three days.  Coconuts cannot grow on your top level.  Plant them on the lower level of your town.  Here are all the fruits:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Cherries
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Coconuts

Fruit and Money

I would say that selling fruit is by far the one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money. The best way to sell fruit is to plant your own fruit “grove”. You could plant fruit trees in various places throughout your town, but then you have to run from tree to tree in order to gather all the fruit. This can be time consuming and is much easier if all the trees are in one area. Below are some simple guidelines for planting your fruit grove.

  • Pick an area close to Tom Nook! If you pick an area far away you will have to run back and forth.
  • Also pick somewhere where there are not many houses. Villagers can get in the way especially if you are trying to pick up fruit off of the ground and you keep accidentally talking to them.
  • Clear all non fruit trees out of the area so you don’t get them confused with the fruit trees.
  • Make sure you pick a “rare” fruit to plant. Each town has it’s own default fruit that sells for 100 bells. Do not use this for your grove. Use fruits that sell for 500 bells. Every fruit except the default is fine.
  • Choose a fruit you think is pretty, or plant a variety grove.
  • Leave enough space between trees to walk!
  • Don’t overdo it. Picking up the fruit can be monotonous. If you plant 50 trees, you will have to pick up 150 fruits, which means 10 trips to Nook.

Eating Fruit

You can eat fruit by dragging it in your item storage screen to your character's face. While this is fun to watch, we don't recommend doing this too often. It's wasteful!