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Fun and Games

Animal Crossing CityFolk is great because you can play online and chat about your town. That's not all there is to do though. You can play games. Games with online friends are as endless as your imagination. Here are a few that we know of that may spark your creativity.

Fishing/Bug Catching Contests

You can buy a timer at Nook's and set the time. Characters catch as many fish or bugs as they can and the timer will keep track of the count to determine the winner. You set the rules. You may have a contest with only fish, only bugs or both.

fishing contest

Hide and Seek

Just like the regular game but you can set your own rules. Will you say anywhere in town perhaps, or only outside, or only in the museum? You get the idea. Just a hint: If you are hiding, don't make a conversation bubble or you are leading the seeker right to your spot! How do you like this hiding spot?

snowman hiding

You can also play Hide and Seek with villagers, but they can be the only ones who initiate the game. They will only do that when you aren't online. They'll ask you if you want to play a game and then you'll be transported to Town Hall where you will join two more villagers. They only hide outside and you have a limited time to find them.

hide and seek with villager


Two of various items can be buried in a rectangular area. Contestants can take turns digging two spots hoping for a match to keep, just like the regular game. If the contestant doesn't get a match they bury the items back where they were uncovered.

Races/Obstacle courses

Make two courses of equal length with equal obstacles. Contestants must complete your directions to the finish line. Obstacles could be: chop down a tree on the course, plant a tree, eat fruit or candy, change clothes, fill in a hole, run over a flower until it disappears, then blow bubbles or some other thing to signify the winner. Be creative and have fun.

Dueling Nets

This game is pretty self explanatory. It's a good icebreaker when you are meeting new wi-fi friends. haha

dueling nets

Party at the Roost

Saturday nights are a lot more fun at the Roost watching K.K. Slider belt out your favorite tunes. Take turns picking out the songs and sit and enjoy coffee together. When someone else sits in the seat to pick the songs, you can hit the dance floor with your friends.

party at the roost

Corralling Animal Villagers

Okay, some think this one may be cruel, but they are cartoons after all and there is no bodily harm involved. haha. You can dig holes and make a corral near some villagers or just trap one in while they are standing there. Keep an open area where you can push more villagers in. Close the spot with a hole then find another to push to the "corral." Opening up enough space to push new animals in without the others getting out is very difficult. One strategy is digging a line of holes behind an animal as you get them nearer. That way if they try to walk backwards, you don't lose any progress. Also one of you can talk to them to stop them from walking away. We've gotten as many as seven villagers in the corral. When the game is saved though, the holes disappear as usual so you're limited in the time you can keep them. Give them plenty of food and water during the length of their stay. I'm just kidding of course.

villagers corral

Show off Mii Masks

Have Blathers perform a Wedding

What? Yep, that's what we said. It's not really a game but isn't the picture cute?

museum wedding