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Gracie Grace

The city has a lot to do and unfortunately most of it will cost too many bells. You'll spend money to shine your shoes, go to the theater to get emotions, shop at Redd's and the most costly will be shopping at Gracie Grace. She is a very tall graceful giraffe with an eye for style.

gracie appears

Gracie's posh store offers furniture sets, clothes, hats and umbrellas. If you buy these items at exorbitant prices you can impress your villagers. Haha Just kidding. Maybe your wi-fi friends will care.

Everything you buy at Gracie's cannot be reordered in Nook's shop, but you can buy as many as you want from Gracie until she gets ready to make room for new goods. It takes a year for the rotation of her inventory.

gracie sold out

Gracie Grace Furniture

These are not available at the same time like Nook's items. Each series will only be offered in Gracie's store for a few weeks.

Gracie Set

gracie furniture

  • Gracie Matching Wallpaper
  • Gracie Matching Flooring
  • Gracie Bed
  • Gracie Chest
  • Gracie Wardrobe
  • Gracie Bench
  • Gracie Chair
  • Gracie Low Table
  • Gracie Lamp
  • Gracie Shelf
  • Gracie Wagon
  • Gracie Desk

  • Gorgeous Set

  • Gorgeous Matching Wallpaper
  • Gorgeous Matching Flooring
  • Gorgeous Bed
  • Gorgeous Chest
  • Gorgeous Closet
  • Gorgeous Sofa
  • Gorgeous Seat
  • Gorgeous Stool
  • Gorgeous Lamp
  • Gorgeous Counter
  • Gorgeous Desk
  • Gorgeous Table

  • Sweets Series


  • Sweets Matching Wallpaper
  • Sweets Matching Flooring
  • Sweets Bed
  • Sweets Chair
  • Sweets Sofa
  • Sweets Closet
  • Sweets Dresser
  • Sweets Table
  • Sweets Mini-table
  • Sweets< Bookcase/li>
  • Sweets Lamp
  • Sweets Mini-lamp

  • Princess Series

  • Princess Matching Wallpaper
  • Princess Matching Flooring
  • Princess Bed
  • Princess Chair
  • Princess Sofa
  • Princess Closet
  • Princess Chest
  • Princess Table
  • Princess Curio
  • Princess Dresser
  • Princess Cage
  • Princess Lamp

  • Gracie's Evaluation

    Gracie doesn't show up very often in her store. Hmmm. Does she ever do any work around there? She may argue that she does because she will gladly give fashion advice based on what you are wearing when you talk to her.

    Gracie's Evaluation

    Gracie's Clothing Line

  • Orange pin stripe
  • Red argyle top
  • Blue argyle top
  • Pink argyle top
  • Cyan argyle top
  • Coral shirt
  • Groovy shirt
  • Cool shirt
  • Gracie's top
  • Shirt circuit
  • Pulse shirt
  • Zebra shirt
  • Tiger shirt
  • Cow shirt
  • Giraffe shirt
  • Ladybug shirt
  • Butterfly shirt
  • Caterpillar tee
  • Flan shirt
  • Hot dog shirt
  • Sandwich shirt
  • Witch shirt (handy at Halloween)
  • Tuxedo
  • Cake shirt
  • Pleather vest
  • Maid dress
  • Trenchcoat
  • Bathrobe

  • Gracie's Hats

    Gracie's Umbrellas