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Of course your'e going to explore the museum for yourself. You'll find the exhibit rooms, the observatory and The Roost where you can relax and grab a cup of coffee! Let's not forget to mention Blathers who will be waiting patiently for donations.


If you collect all the items for all of the exhibit rooms you'll get a model of the museum in the mail. This can take a pretty long time so start donating now! To donate just talk to Blathers the Owl. You'll make his day.

Don't worry that he will take everything you ever give him. If you've already donated an item he will humbly give the duplicate back.

The Observatory

Head upstairs to the left of the big clock to visit Celeste and she will give you a peek at the stars. She'll even let you design breathtaking constellations that will appear in the night sky on certain evenings. Just look up and enjoy!


The fossil exhibits

When you dig up fossils around the town, they all look alike. Take one to Blathers and he'll tell you a little about it. He'll try to cajole you into letting him keep it. You can donate it or just have it checked out so you can sell it at Nook's. If you ask for it back the fossil will show that it's been identified when it is in your pockets again.

Sharing/Trading fossils

Before or after identifying fossils you can give them away to friends or offer them for sale to make some bells. By the way, if you join our forum there is a section for want ads.

The insect exhibit

It can take a very long time to collect all the bugs as well. There are certain ones that can only be caught at certain times of the year. See our info on Insects.

Insects cannot be passed to another player

...much to the disappointment of players trying to catch that last bug. Sigh.

museum tree bugs


The fish exhibit

It's really fun to visit the aquariums in the museum. Try changing your view with your controller to get a better look. Some fish can only be caught at certain times of the year. Some fish are specific to the ocean and some to the river. See the fish guide to learn more.

Same with insects, you cannot pass fish to another player.

The art gallery

You can only buy one painting a week and some will be forgeries. Hoork!!! Blathers can't be caught dead displaying a forgery. If you're serious about collecting them be sure not to miss buying any that are sold. Where do you get them? Rarely Nook will sell one, but mostly you go to Redd's shop in the alley on the left of the city. He gets a new shipment in every Wednesday just so you know. That way you don't have to keep checking every day to see if he's got a new painting for sale. Can't get in to Redd's shop? Learn more about Redd's Shop (sorry under construction) to find out how.

Sharing/Trading paintings

Good news here! They can be passed from player to player! Passing forged paintings between players doesn't help anyone of course. How can you find out if it's real? If you already have that painting in your museum, try donating the new one anyway. Blathers will tell you outright if it is a forgery and when it is back in your pockets it will say "forgery." It is useless to anyone. However he may say that painting has already been donated and "might one of them be a ..." That painting is definitely real. When it goes back in your pocket it will still say the name of the painting, but now you can be assured it's the real deal! Pass it on somehow. Give it away to an online friend or sell it for a few bells. You'll make someone very happy.

The Roost

You may need a pick me up after all that collecting. Stop by for a cup of joe at the Roost. Drink it while it's hot three days in a row and he'll give you some storage for your gyroids. You'll have access to the gyroids by talking to him at the side of the counter instead of sitting on the stool.