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What is Music?

We're not talking about Wii Music, we're talking about the little
music notes you can put in your stereo. You won't just find them anywhere, so we are going to tell you how to get them.

Where Can I Get These Songs?

You can get songs by listening to K.K. Slider. K.K. Slider (A.K.A. Totakeke in Game Cube version) will play his guitar at the coffee shop, located in the museum. He will be there from
8:00pm - 12:00am every Saturday. You can either request a song or allow him to play a song for you.  Some songs can only be acquired by request.


Songs Available on Request

This list is a work in progress. Rather than copy someone else's findings on these songs, we are compiling the list ourselves. If you have found out some songs that are available on request (by typing in a song from the guide, for example, and finding out that it was request-only from K.K Slider himself), please send us an email at webmaster@animalcrossingpost.com. Thank you for your patience and help!

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  • Spring Blossoms


You can get stereos in the same ways that you can get furniture. When you go up to a stereo and click on it you will have the option to load a song. If you have received a song
from K.K. and have it in your pockets you can load it in your stereo. You can also play or stop the current song or select a different song to play. 

Some people do not realize this, but you can play up to three songs in your house, one for each of the main levels.


In addition, you can get a really neat stereo by participating in the Morning Aerobics. This stereo does not store and play K.K. Slider's songs. Instead, it plays the aerobics song. The really awesome thing about this is that YOU CAN DO AEROBICS WHEN THIS STEREO IS ON! Usually you can only steer your character and such, but with this stereo, you can make your character dance and stretch.

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