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Who is Pascal?

Pascal is an otter "dude" who shows up on bridges. He'll be there randomly on weekdays between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Sometimes you may not run into him for a couple of weeks. You'll find him just be waiting there looking at the water and he won't approach you.

How do I get a gift?

First of all don't speak to him until you have want he wants, or he'll swim away. What does he want? Well he's an otter, so he'd love to have a scallop. He doesn't want white scallops, only plain scallops. So have that in your hand a go have a chat with him. He is a pretty comical character. He has a thank you gift so it'll be worth the effort. Here's a hint. Keep a scallop tucked away at all times somewhere, because you may not find one on the beach while he's in town.

Pascal's Gifts

You'll get the Pirate set from him.

  • Sea view (wall)
  • Ship deck (floor of course)
  • Helm
  • Barrel
  • Keg
  • Ship cannon
  • Anchor
  • Ship compass

Pascal's Exit

Almost as much fun as hearing him talk, and getting a gift, is watching him leave! When he's done talking he'll do a backflip off the bridge and float serenely down your river and out to sea. He'll even float over a waterfall! It's fun to follow him along.


You can even try to catch him with your pole. He's too slippery to be caught though. Haha!

Catching Pascal