Social Audio

What is Social Audio?

Social Audio is a simple and free service that let's you say what you want by converting text to audio. You then have the option to publish your audio to both Twitter and Facebook.

How is the text converted to audio?

Social Audio utilizes Google Translate to do the heavy work of converting the text to audio. We then generate a small url using the API to mask your Social Audio link so that users can't simply read what you said. Social Audio is completely powered by Google and services.

What about my personal information?

Social Audio does not collect any of your personal information. You are free to generate as many Social Audio links as you want with no account, or e-mail required. In the future, we may implement user accounts to provide more features.

What languages do you support?

We currently support 58 different languages. Type a sentence in English and choose Spanish and it will be read with a Spanish accent. Type Spanish words and choose Spanish and it will be read in Spanish. We will be adding a guide eventually to help you understand how the system works.

Do I have to pay to use Social Audio?

Absolutely NOT! Social Audio is completely FREE for unlimited Tweets.

What services is it compatible with?

Social Audio was designed to work with many different social networks. While we have not currently finished integrating everything we do support three of the biggest social sites. Currently the ones officially supported are:

In addition to this, you can simply copy the Bitly URL generated and paste it on any website.

Something is not working! Help me!

Please remember, Social Audio is still in it's BETA stages. This means that things might not always work as expected. If you need help or want to report a bug, you can use our Twitter page @audiotweeting.

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