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Bunny Day

Date: (2009)-April 12, (2010)-April 4, (2011)-April 24 Same day as Easter in the US.

Time: 6:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

The hyperactive bunny will be in front of town hall. He has hidden eggs all over your town that will have the same appearance as gyroids and fossils buried in the ground. Dig them up to find a beautifully decorated egg. While they are in your pocket you'll have to option to open them. They will either contain a gold foil or a piece of candy. If you opened a lucky gold foil, take it to the bunny and exchange it for a piece of the egg furniture series. Here is a list of the pieces:

  • Egg bed
  • Egg bench
  • Egg chair
  • Egg wardrobe
  • Egg dresser
  • Egg table
  • Egg stereo
  • Egg toy set
  • Egg clock
  • Egg lamp
  • Matching Egg wallpaper
  • Matching Egg flooring
  • Egg TV (This item is a DLC available only to online players)

It's a pretty easy holiday to play because the bunny doesn't give you lots of duplicates. He gives you one of each thing so it doesn't take forever. It's fun finding the eggs around town. Some people like to save an unopened egg to place in their house as a novelty. What about all the candy? You can save it for another holiday that requires lots of candy to play such as Festivale or Halloween.