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Date: March 7, 2011 Time: 6 a.m. - p.m.

(2012 will be February 20) (2013 will be February 11)

Pave Dancing

Beautifully colored confetti will be falling all over your town and an outrageous character will be in front of Town Hall on Festivale Day. He'll be looking for lots of candy, always in groups of three. Talk to him to find out which color candy he wants at that particular time. Playing this holiday takes LOTS of time, patience and bells. Have fun! When you bring him three of the color he wants he'll reward you with an item of furniture from the Pave Set. It's a decent looking set so it is worth the trouble.

Pave Set


Each time you play a game with the villagers they want you to wager something. It will be 500 bells, candy you already collected, or other items you have in your pockets. Bells are probably the most logical thing to trade. Keep in mind this holiday is going to cost you a lot. Whenever you give wrong answers they will take 500 bells and this can add up quickly. The Pave Set is not really free then. You have to decide if you are willing to spend in order to get (buy) the set.

Don't let the villagers take your candy

Each time you play a game the villagers may say they'll give you candy if you win, or they'll take your candy if you lose. If you have no candy in your pockets they'll just say you have to give them 500 bells if you lose. You worked really hard playing games to get the candy you already have! Don't let them take it! Whenever you get a piece of candy stick it in one of your letters before you talk to a villager. Another option is to lay it on the ground by town hall. That's a lot of running around though. If you want to save your steps just put them in your letters.

Don't let the villagers take your items

If you don't have candy or 500 bells in your pockets, an animal will try to take something else you happen to be holding. If there is something you don't want to lose, keep it out of your pockets. You can always turn down their offer to play if you accidentally had something there you don't want to give away.

Soccer Game Tip

It takes so long to listen to the villagers when you play the soccer game with them. Try this pattern since it seems to work every time. They'll ask you things like, "Where will the ball go?" You will have the option to answer things like, "Ball goes right!" or "Ball goes left!" Always begin by answering left, and to each subsequent answer alternate the direction. For instance let's call right=R and let's call left=L. Depending on how many questions you are asked your answers would go like this:

  • L R
  • L R L
  • L R L R
  • L R L R L
  • L R L R L R
As long as you begin with left and alternate your answers you'll get a piece of candy. Don't forget this tip because the soccer game is the longest drawn out game they'll make you play!

Playing with online friends

Of course Festivale is more fun playing with online friends, but there is also the benefit of taking less time to get the Pave Set. A lot of time is spent walking around looking for villagers so that you can play their games. To cut down the time searching, travel together with your friend/friends. As you find each villager everyone can play a game, each getting a piece of candy. You can collect sets of three more quickly by trading colors back and forth. Also if you get any duplicate furniture, wallpaper, or floor you can distribute those as well. Not to mention the benefit of sharing your frustration with the candy hunting. Haha!

If all else fails

Pave Frustration