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Harvest Festival


Event Details

Date: 4th Thursday in November. Same day as Thanksgiving.

Time: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

How to Play

First of all, talk to Mayor Tortimer. He will give you a gift of a knife and fork so you can enjoy a feast. Next, find a scared turkey named Franklin. He will likely be hiding. You see, Franklin has received an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner in your town, but now he senses that he may not be just a guest, but possibly the main dish! He will feel relieved if you hand the cutlery over to him so that he won’t be eaten. Franklin will give you a piece of his Harvest Furniture set (rare set). Unfortunately, this furniture looks hideous! (I'm sorry if I have offended anyone who loves it...)


When you return to Tortimer, he will give you more forks and knives to deliver to animals in town. You can hand these over to Franklin as well. He will richly reward you with Harvest furniture. One nice thing about this particular holiday is that unlike the candy you have to collect for other holidays, the knives and forks supply is endless!



The running back and forth can take a lot of time, so here is a tip to save a few steps. Have 10 empty letters in your pockets. Each time Tortimer gives you a knife and fork put it in one of the letters to hide it from him. Then talk to him again and he’ll give you another set. This way you won’t have to keep going to Tortimer for more each time you talk to Franklin. If you throw the knife and fork on the ground, rest assured that the Mayor will see you and not give you another. You can hold ten sets in your letters.


Go search for Franklin, get your furniture and leave the area and start looking for him again. Take another set of utensils out of the letters. Franklin will always be hiding behind a building, sign, or tree. He keeps leaning out and looking so you can spot him that way. He won’t be completely hidden. If you get really sick of searching for him you can give an animal one knife and fork and they will tell you the area where Franklin was seen.

After After

Harvest Festival Online with Friends

You can play with online friends at the same time. Each of you can carry several sets of cutlery. One of the benefits is that you have more people searching for Franklin and thus he is easier to find. When one of you finds him, you can call the others over to get pieces of furniture at the same time. You can help your friends get complete sets, and it’s a pretty fun thing to do to hang out together. If worse comes to worse and you just can’t get that last frustrating piece to complete the set, you can trade online. Hop on over to the Animal Crossing Post forum and give it a try.

Harvest Furniture

These are the pieces of furniture you can collect. Unfortunately, Franklin gives the furniture to you in random order so you’ll get several duplicates and have a very hard time getting others. It can take hours to get the whole set if you aren’t lucky.


List of Furniture

Harvest Bed
Harvest Sofa
Harvest Bureau
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Table
Harvest Mirror
Harvest TV
Harvest Clock
Harvest Lamp
Harvest Wall
Harvest Rug

Source of List: Prima's Official Game Guide to Animal Crossing: City Folk.