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Event Details

Date: December 24.

Time: 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Who is Jingle?

Jingle is a reindeer who dresses up in a Santa suit and delivers presents to little boys and girls (and animals) that have been good all year. Actually it doesn't matter if you've been good or not, but you really shouldn't hit other characters with your net!

What does Jingle do?

As we said above Jingle gives out presents. He only gives out items from the Jingle series. The Jingle Series is rare and can only be found once per year so get them all! Note: The Jingle items are worth ALOT. So keep this in mind. You might want to collect as many as you can and sell some. Below is a list of the items Jingle hands out. Listed below the carpet and wallpaper are the answers to give when you talk to Jingle to get these items.

Jingle furniture

  • Jingle Wall
    (choose "Something you step on" 2 times in a row)
  • Jingle Carpet
    (choose "Something you lean on" 2 times in a row)
  • Jingle Bed
  • Jingle Dresser
  • Jingle Wardrobe
  • Jingle Sofa
  • Jingle Chair
  • Jingle Table
  • Jingle Lamp
  • Jingle Clock
  • Jingle Piano
  • Jingle Shelves

How can I get more than one item from Jingle?

After you have gotten your first item from Jingle, walk away until you cannot see him any more (if you're in a house just leave). Change your outfit (e.g. glasses, clothes, hat, mask). Bottom line make your self look as different as you can. You can use you Mii mask too. Now he won't recognize you! Then find him again. Repeat this process until you have gotten all the items you want.

When can I find Jingle?

Jingle will be in your town on December 24th from
8:00pm -12:00am

Where can I find Jingle?

This is the tricky part. Jingle can be found outside AND in houses! What? In houses? Yes. In houses, which makes it much harder to find him. Below are a few tips to finding Jingle.

  • Look outside
  • Look in houses with the lights turned OFF
Jingle in house

If you don't find him in these places make sure the time is correct. Remember you can only find him between 8:00pm and 12:00am on December 24th.

Can I play this holiday with others online?

You can play this holiday with your online friends who are visiting your town, or you can play the holiday in your friend’s town. There are a few benefits in doing this.

  • You can cut your searching time at least in half because you and your friend/friends can split up to find Jingle!
  • If you get a piece of furniture that is double for you, then you can give it to your friend to help complete their set! Hey, and it works both ways, because they can give you furniture that is double for them. Yay! (I played with a super generous friend and they gave me two pieces of furniture that they didn’t have yet!)
  • If you aren’t playing online at the same time as a friend you can still trade items with other players when you are a member of this site’s forum. Just go to the buy or sell topic.
  • Once you or the friend finds him, stay there and call the others over to that spot so everyone can get a piece of furniture before he goes off to another spot.

CAUTION: when playing online: If you find Jingle inside an animal’s house with the lights off, don’t go out of the house until everyone comes in the house to talk to Jingle. If you don’t wait until all players come inside, Jingle will leave as soon as one player gets their furniture and goes outside. Yikes! It is easy to do. Don’t forget.