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So what exactly is "ACP Time" you ask? ACP Time is a clock that displays the current time of the timezone we selected (GMT/UTC). We chose Greenwich Mean Time as the standard timezone because it's easy to calculate how many hours off it is from your time. For example if you live in UTC -5 (Eastern Standard Time of the US), then if you subtracted 5 hours from ACP Time you would end up with your current time.

This is very useful for meeting up with friends on Nintendo WiFi Connection. If you live in California and you wanted to meet up with someone in Eastern Australia, all you would need to do is say "Let's meet at 8pm ACP Time." California is UTC -8, so that would be 12:00 noontime for the person in California. For the person in East Australia (UTC +10) they would add 10 hours to 8pm which would be 6:00am for them.