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Getting Started

What is The Animal Crossing Post? What can I do here? How do I join? This "Getting Started" guide will help answer many of the questions you might have, and get you started on the right track by teaching you all about ACP.

  1. Registering
    1. Creating an Account
    2. Setting up Your Profile
    3. Extra Details
  2. Control Panel
    1. Getting Familiar
    2. Using the Menus
  3. Posting
    1. The Basics
    2. Rules and Guidelines
  4. Messaging and ACP2Wii
    1. Sending Private Messages
    2. Setting up ACP2Wii
    3. Using ACP2Wii

1.0 Registering

1.1 Creating an Account

An account is needed to post, send messages, and use other various features on the site. Creating an account at ACP is easy! Just click the link in the yellow box to the left that says "Register!". You then must fill out all the required details. Some details, such as Animal Crossing town details, are not required but we recommend that you fill them out if you are planning to exchange friend codes with other players.


1.2 Setting up Your Profile

There are many cool things you can do on ACP. Filling out your profile is a fun way to customize your ACP experience. You can change your avatar, set up ACP2Wii messaging, enter your town details and more! To do this, use your control panel on the left and navigate to

Profile -> Edit Profile

1.3 Extra Details

There are some extra details we mention that are not required, but are very helpful if you plan on registering friends. You can enter your town details such as, town name, character name, town rules and more! This way people know all about your town before they even visit. This makes registering users very easy, as you do not have to enter your friend code over and over.

Profile -> Edit Profile -> Extra Details

2.0 Control Panel

2.1 Getting Familiar

Your control panel does just what you think it would. It controls your account. In your control panel (located on the left), you will find links to everything related to your account.

The first option you will notice, is the Private Message notification box. This box will appear when you have unread messages from other users.

The second thing you will see is the Private Messages (PM) menu. This menu allows you to read, compose, and track messages.

The third menu you will find is the Profile menu. Here you can control profile options such as your avatar, signature, town info, and more. Lot's can be done here, so it's good to take your time to explore everything.

The miscellaneous menu contains everything that doesn't fit in another category. Here you edit your buddies list, edit your notepad, and generate RSS feeds to name a few.

The next link will show your buddies list in a pop-up window. This list shows which of your ACP buddies are online. The list automatically refreshes every few seconds.

The find menu allows you to sort, search for posts and display posts from today, or new posts since your last visit. You can also manage any subscribed threads and forums here.

The last link you will find appropriately named "Logout" will log you out of your account.

2.2 Using the Menus

The menus mentioned above are easy to use. Menu items with an arrow next to them means that if you mouse over them, there will be a popout sub-menu with more options. The items without an arrow can be clicked to visit the page they represent.

3.0 Posting

3.1 The Basics

The community features or "forum" part of ACP rely primarily on posting. A "post" a text based message, directed to all guests and users. A thread is a series of posts related to each other. When a user creates a thread, they are posting an initial post. After users reply to that post it is considered a thread. To create a thread, navigate to the desired forum category and click the "New Thread" button at the top or bottom right of the forum. To reply to an existing thread, click on the thread name. You can then use either the "Quick Reply" feature at the bottom of the page, or you can click the "New Reply" button at the top or bottom right of the thread page.

Forum Index

3.2 Rules and Guidelines

Here are 6 basic rules which you must follow. Disregarding these rules can result in your account being banned permanently. If you enjoy ACP, you will follow these rules. They are really easy to remember!

  1. Keep it kid friendly
  2. No advertising for businesses, websites, and/or products and services
  3. Do not be persistent to the point of annoyance. If someone does not want to register you on the game, accept it and move on.
  4. Respect other peoples games. Do not steal from other users or hack peoples towns.
  5. Try not to spam and post in the correct categories. (If you are not sure where to post, just ask a staff member.)
  6. Posting guides is prohibited on the forums. This is because we can't possibly check each guide to make sure it is not plagiarized. Anything you post on ACP you must have the right to it. Just remember this simple rule: If you didn't write it, don't post it.
We don't have a huge complicated list of rules because we trust that, you, the user, already know what is appropriate for this site or not. This site was created a "kid friendly" site, and it is to remain a kid friendly site.

4.0 Messaging and ACP2Wii

4.1 Sending Private Messages

A "Private Message" or PM for short, is a message that can only be seen by the people you send it too. This is very much like your basic web e-mail system. Members of ACP are automatically able to send messages to one another as soon as you have registered. Private Messaging is a good way to communicate with members directly. It is useful for setting up WiFi meetings, and just chatting in general. If there is not a category on the forum for it, a PM is the way to go. No advertising or sending non kid friendly messages via PMs. The same rules for posts go for PMs (except rule #5).

4.2 Setting up ACP2Wii

ACP2Wii is an exciting new feature which allows you to send messages to other members Wii consoles from your account! As a registered user, you can send Wii messages to any users who has set up the ACP2Wii feature in their account (more details on that below). If you would like to be able to receive messages from other users on your Wii, you need to follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Register "wii@animalcrossingpost.com" in your Wii's address book.
  2. Enter your 16 digit Wii number in your profile settings in the "ACP2Wii" box. Your Wii number can be found by visiting your Wii message board, and clicking the "New message" button. Then select your address book and you should see your personal Wii number listed.

Profile -> Edit Profile -> ACP2Wii

4.3 Using ACP2Wii

As we mentioned before; you can send Wii messages to any users who has set up the ACP2Wii feature in their account. You do not need to have a Wii to send messages, only to receive them.

To send a message to a user, navigate to that user's profile. If they have ACP2Wii enabled, you should see a box labeled "Send Wii Message via ACP2Wii". In this box, enter a subject and a message. The message can be up to 255 characters long (spaces count as a character). You don't need to sign your messages as it will show your username when your message is delivered. Then click "Send" to send your message to the user's Wii.
This feature is great for setting up WiFi meetings and letting a user know that you are playing. When your message arrives, the user's Wii will* flash a bright blue light, letting them know they have received a new message.

It is important to note that when you receive a message, clicking "Reply" on your Wii will do nothing. In order to reply to the message, you must either use your ACP account to send a message back to their Wii, send a PM or send an e-mail.

*The Wii will only flash a blue light if the user has WiiConnect24 enabled, and the light set to on. It is on by default.