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acnl review

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acnl review
06-19-2013, 12:09 PM
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acnl review
some of you are confused whether to buy new leaf or not. allow me to help.

so, what makes this different from every other ac is that you're the mayor. people were scared it would change the game. they would be wrong. being mayor has little effect on the basic ac gameplay. heck, you weren't even supposed to be mayor. but the one who was is fine with it. you control ordinances and public works projects. isabelle works harder than you.

the game is beatiful. and has much more furniture and clothing. there are 2 new types of flowers. and more shops. im a catalog completer armed with a prima games guide so i buy every thing! not to mention more bugs and fish. swimming isn't as fun as i thought it could be sadly. but the island makes up for it. the island has tons of minigames. and though i hate wild world, im glad they used that house upgrade system instead of cityfolk's retarded one. theres one thing id like to say though, the retail shop isn't efficient at all. they pay you more that timmy and tommy, but they still fail to be useful in any other way. except for bargaining, which is where you take up all the flee market space with items worth a quarter mor than its worth. cyrus would be useful if he would WAKE UP!

acnl is a good game with some features that are pointless, but it is still the best ac game ever. 9.3/10 with ***** and i title of magical. buy now.

watch me at this link here! i make youtube vids and will get a capture card soon.

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you make beautiful things
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06-20-2013, 11:34 AM
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RE: acnl review
Thanks for the info, kingboo551 Happy (Female) The only exposure I've had to the game so far is watching youtube of people playing the game and looking over the shoulders of two friends who have the game.

I could play the game all day!
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